THE wellbeing XCAPE (Guest) 1-1 PT

THE wellbeing XCAPE (Guest) 1-1 PT

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Hello to our special guest. Coach Az here. Why not make the most of your stay with us with a personalised training session. 

We understand the fitness industry can be a very confusing market with influencers selling you a ‘full package’ with everything under the sun that you do not need nor align with your specific goal. 

So as well as taking you through a workout during your time with us, we're also here to educate you on important factors that will help you with your fitness journey in the long run

With our black and white system, we have been able to help 100’s of clients just like you, from all walks of life.

And below, is the black and white system revealed in 2 easy to read categories.

1. Service - What we will provide.

2. Benefit - How it will help you..


Simple black and white system



1-1 Tailored Personal Training Session

Helps you work on the specific areas of yourself you would like to improve, whether that is a body part, fitness, energy or just mentally.

Important Tips & Knowledge Takeaway

Based on what you're looking to achieve, your coach will provide you with  essential tips and knowledge to take away and implement in the long term. While also answering any of your questions to provide clarity.

Flexible nutrition guide

This simple nutrition guide will benefit you by allowing you to follow a flexible nutrition plan while aiming for 4 simple targets which align together. With the help of this guide, we believe you will unlock a nutrition plan that you will enjoy following while preventing boredom in the long term.