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As you may already be aware, at The wellbeing Club, we are all about everything physical wellbeing.

As we believe this is the key route to achieving a better and improved mental wellbeing. 

And this is our reason for adding  'BarnFIT Yoga' to our wellbeing services, to help you connect your body to your mind.

Yoga is known to support and improve the following

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Improve Inner strength
  • Increased blood flow
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Protects the spine
  • Helps you focus
  • Aids weight reduction
  • Makes you feel happier


Launch - Friday 12th May. 18:00 - 19:00

Our Yoga Teacher - Susie

‘’I began my yoga journey 25 years ago when I practised for the first time at the start of my training as an educationalist.

I continued this journey exploring many different styles of yoga
alongside my educational training.

Yoga became my inner sanctuary and showed me the way to being my most authentic self aswell as discovering that this journey of self mastery is integral to first of all improving and healing my overall wellbeing.

It has taught me skills that help me to navigate through life with presence, grace and truth. It helps to nurture a mindful approach to every day and it has served me as a reliable source of strength.

The quiet whisperings of the spiritual side of yoga call me back over and over again. And it is these whisperings that also called me to combine my practice with my 21 years as an educationalist to train myself to teach yoga.

In 2017, I qualified in Hatha Yoga and I have been teaching classes

I began teaching yoga to the over 70’s and then expanded by teaching at a local yoga studio regularly on a Wednesday evening which is aimed at beginners and middle aged women.

I have had experience teaching a variety of classes of different styles, one being relaxing and the other being an energising class, so my aim is to incorporate a mixture of both while I help you to progress through your spiritual and wellbeing journey.

Yoga is my haven and I hope you leave my classes feeling more whole; mentally, physically and spiritually.’’

 Terms & Condition

  • 1 taster per customer