About Aziz


Hi, I'm Aziz, also know as Az.

I began my personal training career in summer 2017 due to falling in-love with the endorphins and confidence boost I felt every time I exercised. So I decided that my new found purpose was to help people feel the same way.

Since then, I've worked with plenty of clients' across Hampshire within 3 different training facilities, as well as my very own ladies fitness studio which I opened to provide a safe space for intimidated ladies to train in comfort.

Over the years, my experience with numerous clients' from all different walks of life. From complete beginners to advanced, has helped me connect and build rapport with a variety of personalties including introverts and extroverts.

My love for fitness and wellbeing also encouraged me to help children find the love for fitness from an early age by opening my Kids physical development sessions.

My training style is versatile and can be adapted to any individual client needs. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or general fitness, I'm sure I can help.

I use positive encouragement to help you achieve a great workout or sports massage with your short and long term goal always in mind.

Simplicity is a key part of my service. I understand fitness and body goals can be made complicated when it does not need to be. This is why I provide a flexible nutrition guide which will allow you to have a flexible diet as long as you follow 4 simple nutrition targets that work hand in hand. By following this, I am 100% sure you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Rest assured you're in great hands with a trainer filled with knowledge and experience in the industry.